Tony Perez



Born in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, on October 15, 1912, Antonio Perez Ortega was the 15th and penultimate son of a provincial simple family that emigrated to the United States of America (USA) following the Mexican Revolution. The family established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where at the age of 15 years worked as "Bronze shiner" in the traditional Bellevue Stratford Hotel, this is his first job related to tourism

It was 1930 and depression in E.U.A. motivated the Perez in the final to return to Mexico, specifically to the great capital. With a big nose, well groomed and dominating the English Tony found a job as Bellboy in the prestigious Regis Hotel. The manager at that time, Don Lucas de Palacio L'ovis, is the one that helped & drove him in his hospitality career; Don Lucas was his teacher and guided him in his training.

After reaching the Management and General Administration at the luxurious Hotel Reforma, he acquires the granting of the Travel Agency of it, and the September 9 1949 he founded the company that to date bears his name.

From Mexico to the World !

Our Philosophy

On Sept. 9, 1999 the commitment was to continue for 50 years and more accomplished. Today, Tony Perez continues its operations under the leadership of Ignacio and Ricardo Perez, offering the professional service, and staff who characterized it for many years with the first line of products.

Is to return to the bases and boost tourism and traditional commitment that we learned from our father. Un turismo con detalle, personal, responsable. A tourism in detail, personal and with integrity; a tourism with motivation and principles, adapted to the demands of the market but always consistent with our ideals. We want to keep high the human touch, trained service with quality, as well as permanent recognition to our founder and our past that drives us to pursue and achieve new goals. We think long term and with a sense of community.

The business concept remains intact but now supported the benefits of existing technology. However, we believe that the world we live in, besides being globalize, materialized and systematized where it promotes the interest only for the money. It is paradoxical to see how the tourism industry lacks kindness, warmth and sensitivity. Ingredients such as these that must distinguish the human race, or at least prevail in the tourist industry, today there are taking for granted and therefore are ignored. Few are concerned and worried about it. Modernity seems to ask us to leave aside our emotions. The balance between quality and quantity is vertically inclined toward the numerical results. The training is informative not formative. Where are  our ideas, creativity, input and dreams? We are robotic, passive and indifferent to a business ethics ambiguous and inconsistent; we want to help refocus the national tourism. Aware of this, we bet on the strength of a tourist humanistic thought with firm commitments.

Under these precepts and principles, Tony Perez will continue in the market as an agency Tour Operator and DMC (Destination Management Consultant) with headquarters in Merida, Yucatan, Cancun and soon will be a branch in Isla Mujeres. Our commitment will be to be positioned as a leader in southeastern Mexico in response to the national and international market. We also offer a wide range of services for incentive travel, conferences and conventions.

We are sailing to new horizons and new provisions but with the same ideals and, above all, the same compass. It is time to weigh anchor and wind in its sails

Tony Perez
Avenida 5 No. 100 por 20 Local 9 - Planta Alta Plaza Fortuna.
Fracc. Montecristo 97133 - Mérida, Yucatán - Tel. (999) 948-0282